About the 101 Coffee Shop



The 101 Coffee Shop has been a Hollywood landmark for decades. Formerly the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop (best known for its role in the movie Swingers and most recently the hit TV show Entourage), Warner Ebbink worked for months to restore the space before opening its doors again in 2001. The Coffee Shop, complete with dark wood-grained Formica, sparkling snow-white cottage-cheese ceiling and decorative rock takes you back to the 1960's with its authentic retro-diner details. Ebbink's eye for architectural design combined with Brandon Boudet's authentic home style cooking give the 101 Coffee Shop the heart and soul of a delicious, classic family-friendly Diner. 

Warner Ebbink & Brandon Boudet

 WARNER EBBINK is a native Angeleno whose passion for restaurants extends beyond cuisine into architectural restoration. He was a big fan of Armet & Davis, the architectural firm that designed not only Ship‘s, but also Norms and Tiny Naylor’s. Ebbink and Boudet opened Hollywood’s 101 Coffee Shop in 2001.   After opening the Coffee Shop in 2001 Ebbink & Boudet went on to purchase the historical Rat-Pack hang out Dominick's in West Hollywood in 2004 and later opened Little Dom's in Los Feliz in 2008. 

CHEF BRANDON BOUDET started his culinary career in New Orleans, Louisiana. His Southern influence and Italian heritage create a unique twist on classic comfort food dishes. Boudet moved to Los Angeles and signed on at the Sunset Strip’s Bar Marmont, followed by consulting jobs for Sean McPherson’s other hip venues, including Swingers, El Carmen and Jones where he first met Ebbink. In 1997, Boudet was named Executive Chef at the historic Argyle Hotel. Boudet shops at local Farmers Markets for his ingredients giving everything he makes an authentic freshness. Boudet has been nationally recognized by Bon Appetit Magazine, the Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network & was the winner of both Knife Fight and Chopped in 2013.